[TEMP CHECK] Aave V3 Deployment on TRON Network

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The Aave community discussed a proposal to deploy Aave V3 on the TRON Network, with some members expressing skepticism due to TRON's ownership structure and lack of legitimate DeFi projects. Despite the concerns, others argued for potential benefits such as access to a new user base and additional revenue streams, but the community has yet to reach a consensus.

The discussion revolved around the proposal by Vincent to deploy Aave V3 on the TRON Network, a blockchain platform with a significant user base and the largest circulating supply of stablecoins globally. The idea was to leverage TRON's partnerships and contribute to its growing DeFi landscape. However, Tor_GAINS expressed skepticism, citing that the majority of the network's TVL is held by protocols owned by Justin Sun, which may not be a good fit for AAVE.

MarcZeller suggested renaming the proposal to align with the TEMP CHECK framework and noted that TRON's user base is in territories different from Aave's main area of influence, which could lead to mutually beneficial synergies. He also mentioned potential discussions with service providers at the ARFC stage. FumoffuXx argued that the risk to AAVE from this integration is minimal and that it could open up more revenue streams. He expressed support for the integration if it goes to a vote.

However, Tor_GAINS remained concerned about deploying AAVE on a blockchain he considers dubious and where no legitimate DeFi project has been launched over the past 5 years. FumoffuXx countered by stating that times have changed and that AAVE could benefit from being an early adopter of more DeFi projects building on TRON. MarcZeller called for a halt to the personal dispute between Tor_GAINS and FumoffuXx, reminding them to maintain the standard of Aave DAO discussions and to allow room for the rest of the community to weigh in before potentially escalating to the next governance stage. The discussion remains open, with the community yet to reach a consensus.

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