Update on Aave Swapper and Strategic Asset Manager Contracts

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The Aave community has developed two key contracts: the Aave Swapper, which manages asset exchanges with MEV and price-impact protection, and the Strategic Asset Manager, which oversees Aave DAO's strategic assets. Additionally, a contract to bridge ERC20 tokens from Polygon to Mainnet has been created, improving treasury fund management and system efficiency.

The Aave community has been actively engaged in the development of two key contracts: the Aave Swapper and the Strategic Asset Manager. The Aave Swapper, designed to manage asset exchanges with MEV and price-impact protection, has been successfully deployed. It allows Aave contributors to exchange assets directly from the treasury contract, thereby minimizing MEV and price-impact. This development has eliminated the need for custom one-use contracts for each token swap, leading to significant savings in development, testing, and review time2.

The Strategic Asset Manager, on the other hand, is a contract designed to manage Aave DAO’s strategic assets. The initial versions of both contracts have been built and reviewed by BGD, with the feedback leading to a simplification of the contracts to maximize value and minimize risks. The first version of the Aave Swapper will only handle swaps on behalf of the DAO, and the Strategic Asset Manager V1 will only handle veBAL1.

In addition to these, a contract to bridge ERC20 tokens from Polygon to Mainnet has been developed. This tool enables the DAO to send funds from Polygon to Mainnet, thereby improving treasury fund management. It addresses the issue of Polygon assets not being withdrawable, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the system3. The development and deployment of these contracts signify a significant step forward in the Aave community's efforts to streamline operations and manage assets more effectively.

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