[TEMP CHECK] Convert $2M of ARB in Stablecoins

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The forum discussion focused on a proposal to convert $2 million worth of ARB tokens into stablecoins in the DAO treasury, with various alternatives like ETH conversion and incentivizing AAVE product building also suggested. No conclusive decision has been made, with ongoing discussions and suggestions such as swapping for ETH or BTC, and using ARB tokens as part of the AGD budget based on community feedback and market volatility.

The forum discussion revolved around the proposal to convert $2 million worth of ARB tokens into stablecoins in the DAO treasury, due to the recent expenditure of $2 million in USDT. The conversion of approximately 65% of the ARB airdrop allocation into stablecoins was suggested, with the swap execution potentially done by the Curator. The choice of stablecoin(s) to convert into will be discussed and voted upon at a later stage.

**0xlide** and **ApuMallku** suggested exchanging ARB to ETH instead of stablecoin, with the former recommending a 90-day Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) as the sale method. **0xkeyrock.eth** believes the DAO is well allocated into WETH, RETH & WSTETH and is open to evaluating non-stablecoin assets based on community feedback. However, **Jengajojo**, **MrKris**, and **TokenLogic** proposed alternative uses for the ARB tokens, such as encouraging the building of AAVE products on ARB, liquidity incentives, participating in ARB governance, or buying Aave on the open market with the Arb.

**EzR3aL** questioned the need for stables and suggested swapping ARB to stables in the future if not needed currently. They concluded that the DAO is safe at the moment with a 10.4 years runway at the current spending rate and sees no need for a swap right now. **Alice** provided a link to the state of the treasury and the runway, and highlighted that the contract with BGDLabs has ended and the DAO may recontract them. ChaosLabs is also seeking an extension and Flipside could potentially become a service provider.

**0xkeyrock.eth** initiated a discussion about the use of ARB within the Aave DAO, suggesting that it could be converted into stablecoins or used in an AGD proposal. They also proposed several voting options for the community, including converting ARB into stablecoins or ETH, transferring a portion to AGD, and sending ARB instead of AAVE or Stables to AGD in the next funding round. **MarcZeller**, representing ACI, expressed neutrality on the issue, suggesting that current stable holdings are sufficient and selling ARB in a bear market might not be efficient. They also mentioned that swapping contracts would be required as cowswap doesn't exist in arbitrum, suggesting an OTC deal with MM such as WintermuteGovernance. They plan to abstain from voting as they have no strong opinion.

**Daveytea** supports transferring the ARB to AGD for reasons including no added complexity of asset conversion and the ability for AGD to incentivize building on Arbitrum. He also suggests that not all of the $3M needs to be transferred to AGD. Some could be used to swap to AAVE, then AGD or another DAO component could stake that AAVE to generate yield, creating independent revenue streams.

The discussion is ongoing, with different users suggesting alternative options such as swapping for ETH or BTC. No conclusive decision has been made yet. CryptoInvest questioned the decision to sell $ARB during a bear market, suggesting that the DAO could potentially sell it at a higher price of $10 per ARB. User 0xkeyrock.eth has decided, based on community feedback and market volatility, that the best use for some of the ARB tokens is to be part of the AGD budget. The user has also announced that they will not proceed with a previously mentioned vote. The AGD part will be handled by **0xbilll**, who is preparing something. **0xkeyrock.eth** thanked everyone who shared their opinion.

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