Ledger connected wallet migration v2 to v3

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The discussion focused on Sfxnik's issue of missing WBTC and DAI tokens after migrating from v2 to v3 on their ledger and the AAVE web app. The community suggested solutions, notably EzR3aL's recommendation to use a Blockexplorer like etherscan or arbscan to locate the tokens, demonstrating a collaborative problem-solving approach.

The discussion primarily revolved around a problem reported by Sfxnik, who experienced difficulties in locating their WBTC and DAI tokens on their ledger and the AAVE web app after migrating from v2 to v31. This issue sparked a series of responses and suggestions from the community, with EzR3aL proposing a potential solution. They recommended using a Blockexplorer, such as etherscan or arbscan, to track down the missing assets2.

The community's response to Sfxnik's problem was swift and supportive, demonstrating a collective effort to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. The suggestion by EzR3aL to use a Blockexplorer was a key contribution to the discussion, providing a practical step for Sfxnik to potentially locate their missing tokens.

In conclusion, the topic centered on the challenges faced during the migration from v2 to v3, specifically in relation to the visibility of WBTC and DAI tokens. The community's active involvement and the practical solutions proposed, such as the use of a Blockexplorer, underscored the collaborative nature of the discussion. The outcome of Sfxnik's issue, however, remains unresolved in the discussion.

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