ARFC: Gauntlet Supply Cap Updates for USDT on ETH Aave V3 2023-08-01

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The Ethereum Aave V3 community agreed to increase the USDT supply cap to 300M, driven by the high usage of the current cap and future growth considerations. The changes were promptly implemented via Risk Steward.

The discussion began with Gauntlet's proposal to increase the USDT supply cap on Ethereum Aave V3 to 320,000,000, citing the current cap's 80% usage as the primary reason1. However, ChaosLabs suggested a slightly lower increase to 300M, which sparked a conversation around the optimal cap increase2.

After some deliberation, Gauntlet agreed to the proposed 300M increase and assured the community that Risk Steward actions would be implemented shortly3. This consensus was later confirmed by ChaosLabs, who announced that the changes had been successfully executed via Risk Steward4.

In conclusion, the community agreed on a USDT supply cap increase to 300M on Ethereum Aave V3, and the changes were promptly implemented. This decision was primarily driven by the high usage of the current cap and the need to accommodate for future growth.

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