Gauntlet Market Update - 7/30/2023

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The discussion focused on the impact of recent CRV liquidity changes on user positions, with Gauntlet suggesting the cancellation of AIP 280 to adjust the effective liquidation price for CRV. This proposal was implemented, reflecting the community's adaptability to market changes.

The discussion primarily revolved around the recent changes in CRV liquidity and its impact on user positions. Gauntlet, who has been closely monitoring these changes, pointed out that the HF of DeBank is currently 1.64, implying that CRV would need to reach 0.37 to trigger liquidation. However, the upcoming AIP was set to lower the LT to 0.49, which would have altered the liquidation price to 0.4151.

In light of the increased CRV volatility and the changes in its liquidity, Gauntlet proposed the cancellation of AIP 280. This proposal, if passed, would have raised the effective liquidation price for CRV from 0.37 to 0.416 for a specific user2. This recommendation was later acted upon, and it was confirmed that AIP 280 has indeed been cancelled3. This cancellation sparked curiosity among some users, with Marblemonkey inquiring about the reasons behind the cancellation4.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the dynamic nature of CRV liquidity and the potential implications for users. The cancellation of AIP 280, as recommended by Gauntlet, was a significant outcome of the discussion, demonstrating the community's responsiveness to changes in market conditions.

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