[GRANT PROPOSAL] - Implementing EIP-7265 (Circuit Breakers) to improve protocol security

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The TurtleShell team, led by Valerio, proposes a three-phase project to enhance AAVE protocol's security through circuit breakers, but MarcZeller notes overlap with Gauntlet team's "killswitch" work. The discussion emphasizes the need for team collaboration to avoid redundancy and ensure efficient resource use, with the community awaiting updates post-discussions between the two teams.

The discussion revolves around a proposal by Valerio and the TurtleShell team to enhance the security of the AAVE protocol through the integration of tailored circuit breakers. The project, divided into three phases, aims to prevent known attack vectors and improve governance participation. The first phase involves research and creation of proof-of-concepts, with a requested budget of $15K. The second phase focuses on prototyping and production, estimated to cost $30,000. The final phase involves testnet deployment, refinement, and rigorous testing, with an estimated cost of $15,0001.

However, MarcZeller points out that the proposal overlaps with the work of Pauljlei and the Gauntlet team on a "killswitch" implementation. Valerio acknowledges this and expresses a desire to discuss the overlaps between their different approaches with Pauljlei2. They have also made several updates to the CircuitBreaker.sol contract and introduced new interfaces and implementations, seeking community feedback on these updates, particularly in the context of possible implementations on AAVE5.

In conclusion, the discussion highlights the importance of enhancing the security of the AAVE protocol and the potential of circuit breakers in achieving this goal. However, it also underscores the need for collaboration and synchronization between different teams to avoid overlapping work and ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources. The community awaits further updates following the proposed discussions between the TurtleShell team and the Gauntlet team.

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