[ARFC] Cancel Llama Service Provider Stream

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The Aave DAO discussed terminating Llama's stream due to underperformance and potential savings, with various members expressing concerns and suggestions for improvement. The conversation also included a proposal for a new framework for service contribution in DAOs, and ended with the announcement of a proposal escalation to Snapshot stage and the creation of an AIP to cancel Llama's streams.

The discussion began with a proposal by MarcZeller to terminate the Llama stream from the Aave DAO due to underperformance and potential savings of $240k for the DAO treasury. Llamaxyz defended their performance and contributions, while EzR3aL and 0xkeyrock.eth initially opposed the termination but later supported it after learning about Llama's significant unspent funds.

Benhoneill raised important points about the structure of the service provider contract and suggested improvements for clarity and formalization. Llamaxyz provided a detailed list of their deliverables and contributions to Aave. eboado expressed concerns about stream cancellation and proposed a community vote to address this issue. They also advocated for a clearer division of responsibilities among contributing entities.

G-Blockchain critiqued Llama's scope and the grants they received, but acknowledged their work and suggested they should receive a portion of the final amount. They also raised concerns about MarcZeller's behavior with ACI, accusing them of creating a hostile culture within the DAO.

JosepBove proposed the next steps, which include gathering community consensus and feedback on the ARFC, conducting a snapshot polling vote on the ARFC, and if approved, publishing an AIP implementation. Llamaxyz agreed to a reduced rate for the next two months to complete their outstanding work.

The discussion also focused on the proposal for a new generalized framework for service contribution in DAOs, put forward by Hazbobo and JosepBove. This included elements such as cost bands, required disclaimers, criteria for service providers, and conditions for agreement cancellation.

The discussion concluded with MarcZeller announcing the escalation of a proposal to Snapshot stage with voting to commence the next day. An AIP to cancel Llamaxyz's streams and create ad-hoc 45-day streams was also set to be created. Llamaxyz clarified the details of the reduced stream.

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