[ARFC] Treasury Management - Introducing StrategicAssetManager by Llama

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The StrategicAssetManager contract, introduced by Llama, is designed to manage Aave DAO's strategic assets, starting with veBAL holdings, to optimize financial benefits and reduce governance overhead. The contract, controlled by Aave's Short Executor role, includes an AllowList maintained by Governance, and offers functionalities like locking/relocking B-80BAL-WETH, participating in gauge votes, and delegating governance voting rights, among others.

The discussion primarily revolved around the introduction of the StrategicAssetManager by Llama, as presented by Llamaxyz. This contract is designed to manage Aave DAO’s strategic assets, starting with the DAO’s veBAL holdings. The goal is to optimize the DAO’s financial benefits while reducing the governance’s overhead in managing these assets.

The contract includes an AllowList, which is solely maintained by the Governance. This list defines which contracts can be interacted with, thereby limiting the contract's surface area. The AssetManager role does not have the authority to modify this list, which is a measure to prevent potential collusion and misuse of Aave DAO’s assets. The contract offers a variety of functionalities, such as locking/relocking B-80BAL-WETH, participating in gauge votes, delegating governance voting rights, and more.

The contract is upgradeable and controlled by Aave’s Short Executor role via governance. The ShortExecutor can implement each function on the contract and has the authority to assign and remove an AssetManager role to a community-elected address. The Strategic Asset Manager also contains an AllowList that defines which contracts the contract can interact with. This list can only be updated by Aave Governance via the ShortExecutor.

Llamaxyz also detailed several functions related to the contract, such as lockSdToken(address token), voteForGaugeWeight(gauge address, uint256 amount), setDelegateSnapshot(address), voteAragon(address), and others. These functions cover a range of actions, including locking tokens, voting for gauge weight, delegating vote rights, and voting on Aragon. Functions related to selling, updating, removing, and buying boost were also discussed. All these functions can only be called by governance or the assetManager.

In conclusion, the StrategicAssetManager by Llama is a comprehensive contract designed to manage Aave DAO’s strategic assets efficiently and securely. It offers a wide range of functionalities and is governed by Aave’s Short Executor role. The discussion provided a detailed overview of the contract's functions and its potential benefits to the Aave DAO.

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