[ARFC] Chaos Labs Risk Stewards - Increase Supply Caps V3 Ethereum

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ChaosLabs proposed increasing the supply and borrow cap for USDT and the supply cap for wstETH on Aave V3 Ethereum due to high utilization rates. While Gauntlet agreed to the wstETH cap increase, they advised against USDT changes due to potential impact of AIP-271, leaving the fate of the USDT proposal uncertain.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by ChaosLabs to increase the supply and borrow cap for USDT and the supply cap for wstETH on Aave V3 Ethereum. This was suggested due to the high utilization rates of these assets. The proposed changes included a hike in the supply cap for wstETH from 450K to 600K, and for USDT from 200M to 300M, with the borrow cap also increasing from 185M to 250M1.

However, Gauntlet expressed partial agreement with the proposal, supporting the increase for wstETH but advising against the changes for USDT. The reason for this was the impending execution of AIP-271, which could potentially alter the supply/borrow behavior of USDT2. Despite this, ChaosLabs proceeded to prepare the payload for the proposal, intending to execute it via the Risk Steward process3.

The discussion concluded with Gauntlet confirming that the increase in the wstETH cap had been successfully executed via the Risk Steward process4. However, the fate of the proposed changes for USDT remains uncertain due to the potential impact of AIP-271.

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