[TEMP CHECK] Introducing "Curator" by Llama

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Llamaxyz introduced a new contract, "Curator", designed to manage asset exchange with MEV and price-impact protection, and will initially be deployed on Ethereum. The Curator will interact with specific contracts, have a limited AllowList, and a curatorRole() assigned to a Treasury Manager, with each deployment tailored to the network and Aave DAO's needs, and subject to community discussion and voting.

The discussion primarily revolved around the introduction of a new contract, "Curator", by Llamaxyz. The Curator is designed to manage the exchange of assets with MEV and price-impact protection, and its primary functions include swapping assets, acquiring LSTs, and transferring assets. It is not intended for holding assets. The first iteration of the Curator will be deployed on Ethereum and will interact with CoW Swap, Lido Protocol, and Rocket Pool contracts.

The Curator will have an AllowList to limit its interactions, and a curatorRole() can be assigned to a specific wallet address, the Treasury Manager. This role can only interact with contracts on the AllowList set by governance, thereby reducing the risk of the Curator interacting with a malicious contract or misusing the DAO’s funds. The Curator will be introduced to other networks in the future, with each deployment containing different functionality tailored to that network and Aave DAO’s needs. Each deployment will be presented to Aave DAO as an [ARFC] proposal for the community to discuss and vote on.

The Ethereum Curator will provide various functionalities to the Aave Protocol, including receiving assets from the Treasury, redeeming aTokens, swapping assets via CoW Swap with MEV protection, depositing ETH into Lido Finance Protocol and Rocket Pool’s contract, transferring assets to Treasury, and allowing-list tokens/contracts that can be interacted with. Upon receiving a favorable Snapshot vote, Llamaxyz will finalize the payload for peer review by BGDlabs. An [ARFC] post will be shared and progressed through governance. Llamaxyz is a service provider to Aave DAO and is compensated by only Aave DAO for creating this ARFC1.

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