Aave airdrop legit?

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The discussion focused on the legitimacy of AAVE airdrops on aaveprotocol.online and aave.superdrot.top, with concerns raised about potential scams and non-receipt of airdrops. Community members were advised to exercise caution, revoke approvals, and transfer funds to another wallet if suspicious of fraudulent activities.

The discussion primarily revolved around the legitimacy of AAVE airdrops on two specific sites, aaveprotocol.online and aave.superdrot.top. Hadeka raised concerns about not receiving any airdrops despite participating and paying a BNB amount on the first site1. This sparked a debate about the authenticity of such airdrops.

EzR3aL, in response to Hadeka's concerns, expressed a strong opinion that all airdrops are scams. They further advised Hadeka to revoke any approvals and transfer all funds to another wallet to ensure safety2. This advice was given in the context of mitigating any potential risks associated with the airdrops.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the potential risks associated with participating in airdrops from unverified sources. The community members were advised to exercise caution and ensure the safety of their funds by transferring them to another wallet if they suspect any fraudulent activities.

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