Listing Proposal: Add CRV (Curve DAO Token)

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The Curve team proposed the integration of their governance token, CRV, into the Aave platform, with the aim to enhance rewards for liquidity providers. The proposal, backed by community members and following a risk analysis, was approved and is set for execution on December 27th, marking a significant expansion for the Aave platform and increased utility for the CRV token.

The Curve team recently proposed the integration of their governance token, CRV, into the Aave platform. CRV is a significant component of Curve, which is the second largest DEX on Ethereum and the third largest protocol by TVL. The token is designed to enhance rewards for liquidity providers and allow them to earn a portion of trading fees on the Curve platform. The proposal emphasized the high demand for CRV on other protocols and the robustness of the Curve DAO, which has undergone three audits1.

Community members such as MaxRoszko backed the proposal, highlighting Curve's standing in the crypto space and the demand for CRV2. Alex_BertoG conducted a comprehensive risk analysis of CRV using Aave’s Asset Risk Framework. His analysis concluded that CRV's overall risk is rated B-, and he proposed model parameters for CRV, including a 40% LTV, a 55% liquidation threshold, and a 15% liquidation bonus3.

The proposal was met with approval and has been slated for execution on the 27th of December4. This decision marks a significant step in the expansion of the Aave platform and the increased utility of the CRV token.

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