[ARFC] GHO Steward: Agile Parameter Changes

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AaveCompanies proposed Agile Parameter Changes for the GHO Steward in the Aave Protocol, aiming for efficient risk management and support of the GHO stablecoin. After community feedback, they revised the Borrow Rate Adjustment and GHO Steward Lifespan, taking the Audit Report (ARFC) to Snapshot Vote, with MarcZeller suggesting a vote with multiple options for better governance expression.

The discussion revolved around the proposal by AaveCompanies to implement an Agile Parameter Changes for the GHO Steward in the Aave Protocol. The proposal aims to ensure efficient risk management and support the peg of Aave Protocol’s native multi-collateral stablecoin GHO. The GHO Steward would be capable of adjusting predefined parameters and would be deactivated 60 days after the passing of this proposal, unless the DAO votes to renew it. AaveCompanies also proposed an Audit Report (ARFC) for GitHub, which will proceed to a second Snapshot process if consensus is reached.

MarcZeller from the Aave Chan Initiative (ACI) expressed support for the concept of the GHO Steward, but suggested adjustments to make the proposal less conservative and more agile. He proposed extending the GHO Steward's lifespan from 60 to 90 days and suggested that the GHO Steward should be able to act more swiftly. MarcZeller also recommended a less conservative adjustment frame of 1% upward and downward for the Borrow Rate Adjustment. EzR3aL also expressed support for the concept of the GHO Steward, agreeing with MarcZeller's proposal to extend the GHO Steward's lifespan to 90 days. He also suggested that another proposal/ARFC should be created 20 days before the 90 days end to decide whether to extend the Steward or not.

In response to the feedback, AaveCompanies stated that they will consider revising the Borrow Rate Adjustment and GHO Steward Lifespan for the ARFC Snapshot vote. They also defended the 24-hour process for obtaining a community signal of approval before enacting changes on these parameters. AaveCompanies later updated the Borrow Rate Adjustment and the GHO Steward Lifespan based on community feedback and took the ARFC to Snapshot Vote. MarcZeller responded by encouraging DAO contributors to listen to community feedback and suggested publishing a vote with “YAE (Snapshot Option)”, YAE (Direct-to-Payload), NAY, and ABSTAIN to allow governance to express their opinion with recognized granularity. AaveCompanies welcomed the suggestion and expressed comfort with any outcome of the Snapshot vote and welcomed alternative governance solutions that the community may propose.

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