Paladin DAO is looking for Aave delegate

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The Paladin DAO is appointing a delegate for stkAave voting power, with the delegate receiving 1000 $PAL monthly for six months if they meet engagement criteria. The election begins on July 14, 2023, with TokenLogic and StableLab interested, but questions about the delegate's role and influence remain unanswered.

The Paladin DAO has announced plans to appoint a delegate for stkAave voting power, which will be accumulated with the launch of their Dullahan product. The chosen delegate will be rewarded with 1000 $PAL monthly for six months, provided they meet certain engagement criteria. These include a minimum of 80% voting participation each month on Aave, maintaining an open communication channel in Paladin's discord for depositors, and representing the depositor publicly on the Aave governance forum. The vote for delegation has concluded successfully, and the election is set to commence on July 14, 2023. TokenLogic and StableLab have shown interest in the position, and the application process along with further instructions have been published 1,2.

During the discussion, Benhoneill raised pertinent questions about whether the delegate will also receive the corresponding prop power and if the Paladin DAO intends to influence the vote of the delegate. These questions were not definitively answered by Alice, who initiated the discussion but is not a member of the Paladin DAO. She suggested that these queries should be directed to TokenLogic and StableLab 3,4.

In conclusion, the Paladin DAO's decision to delegate stkAave voting power has sparked interest and raised important questions about the role and influence of the delegate. The election process is set to begin soon, and the community awaits further clarification on the delegate's responsibilities and influence.

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