Llama Month 9 Update

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Llamaxyz has significantly contributed to the Aave community through protocol upgrades, treasury management, and analytics, leading to increased revenue and strengthened strategic resources. Key achievements include executing four on-chain proposals, developing treasury tooling, and working on Aave's data warehouse and weekly treasury claims for Aave V3 deployments.

In the past month, Llamaxyz has been actively contributing to the Aave community with a focus on protocol upgrades, treasury management, analytics, and growth. They have successfully executed four on-chain proposals, including the Polygon Supply Cap Update, the addition of rETH to Arbitrum v3, a parameter update for Polygon v2, and the creation of an ETH eMode Category. These developments were part of their ongoing efforts to grow Aave's revenue and were communicated through several AIPs, including AIP-241 and AIP-242.

In addition to these protocol upgrades, Llamaxyz has also been instrumental in the development of treasury tooling to acquire and utilize strategic resources like veBAL and sdCRV. Their financial report for May 2023 showed a revenue of $1.1m, total treasury holdings of $120.2m (67% AAVE), and a TVL of $8.1b. They have also been working on the development of Aave's data warehouse and weekly treasury claims for Aave V3 deployments.

In conclusion, Llamaxyz's contributions have been pivotal in the growth and development of the Aave community. Their efforts in protocol upgrades, treasury management, and analytics have not only increased Aave's revenue but also strengthened its strategic resources. The community can look forward to more updates and developments in the coming months, including a planned Twitter Spaces event on July 13, 2023.

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