Accidental Funds Sent to Aave: Pool V3 Contract

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Sipcola mistakenly sent 42,000 USDC to the Aave smart contract and is seeking help from the Aave community and Circle, the issuer of USDC, to recover the funds. Various recovery suggestions have been proposed, including waiting for the BGD rescue plan's third phase and creating a governance proposal, but the outcome remains uncertain.

The discussion revolves around a predicament faced by Sipcola, who mistakenly sent 42,000 USDC to the Aave smart contract address instead of their personal wallet. The user is seeking help from the Aave community to recover the funds, citing a previous incident where funds were successfully retrieved from the Aave: Pool V3 contract on the Avalanche network1. EzR3aL proposed waiting for the third phase of the BGD rescue plan, although the timeline for this is uncertain. They also suggested the possibility of creating a proposal on the forum, but this would necessitate 80k Aave tokens, which Sipcola does not possess2.

Sipcola acknowledged the necessity for a recovery contract and governance voting, but confessed their lack of technical expertise to carry out this task. They also expressed optimism that the second and third phases of the BGD rescue plan are still operational3. 0xV4L3NT1N3 recommended contacting Circle, the issuer of USDC, to inquire if they could blacklist and remint the tokens to a new wallet, although they cautioned that there's no assurance of help4. In response, Sipcola mentioned that Circle typically only restores USDC tokens on the mainnet, but they have reached out to them nonetheless5.

In conclusion, the discussion is centered on the recovery of Sipcola's misplaced funds, with various suggestions and potential solutions being proposed. The outcome is still uncertain, with the user awaiting responses from both the Aave community and Circle.

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