AAVE V3 ETH can’t pay back USDT, error

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The community is collaboratively troubleshooting an issue faced by Jsimo01, who is unable to repay USDT on the V3 Eth market due to a gas population problem. The issue remains unresolved, with potential solutions from this discussion possibly benefiting others facing similar problems in the future.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue faced by Jsimo01 with repaying USDT on the V3 Eth market. The problem seems to be that no gas populates, which is preventing them from approving the amount. This issue has sparked a conversation in the community, with members trying to understand and resolve the problem.

EzR3aL has stepped in to assist, asking Jsimo01 for more information to better understand the situation. This indicates a collaborative effort within the community to troubleshoot the problem. The discussion is ongoing, with members actively participating and sharing their insights.

As of now, the issue remains unresolved. The community is eagerly awaiting further information from Jsimo01 to help diagnose the problem. The outcome of this discussion could potentially provide a solution not only for Jsimo01 but also for other members who might face similar issues in the future.

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