AIP-3: Upgrade Aave V1 LendingPool contract for seamless migration to V2

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The Aave community is discussing the migration of assets from Aave V1 to V2, specifically focusing on the 11341692 aLEND in the lendingPoolCorecontract. A Flashloan-powered migration tool, requiring minor modifications to the repay() method, has been proposed to simplify this process and demonstrate the capabilities of Aave V2 flashloans, with the changes to be voted on in AIP-3.

The discussion primarily revolves around the migration of assets from Aave V1 to V2, with a particular focus on the 11341692 aLEND currently deposited in the Aave protocol reserve lendingPoolCorecontract. Many community members, who are using these assets as collateral in loans, have expressed interest in this migration. MarcZeller has proposed the development of a Flashloan-powered migration tool to facilitate this process for all assets available on V1. This tool would not only simplify the migration but also increase the volume of Flashloans, showcasing the capabilities of the new Aave V2 flashloans.

To make this possible, minor modifications to the repay() method are necessary. The community has been actively discussing these changes and the overall proposal. Following these discussions, the AIP-3 will be put forward for a vote among AAVE token holders. If approved, the proposed changes will be integrated into the system. This migration and the proposed changes are significant as they represent a major step in the evolution of the Aave platform, potentially leading to increased usage and demonstrating the platform's adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

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