[ARFC] Chaos Labs Risk Stewards - Increase Caps rETH and wstETH on V3 Arbitrum

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The proposal to increase the supply and borrow caps for rETH and the supply cap for wstETH on V2 Arbitrum was discussed, with rETH cap increase successfully executed and wstETH cap increase moved to AIP-265 due to lack of consensus. The timeline for these changes' implementation on the dashboard is still unclear.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal of increasing the supply and borrow caps for rETH and the supply cap for wstETH on V2 Arbitrum. This was initially proposed by ChaosLabs due to the nearly full utilization of the current caps, suggesting a 2X increase for rETH and an increase of the supply cap for wstETH to 30K1. This proposal was supported by JMac, who also requested an increase in the cap of LSDs on Arbitrum2.

However, Gauntlet agreed only with the rETH cap increase, stating that any increase in the wstETH supply cap should be moved to AIP after the community reaches an agreement on LST killswitches3. Following this, ChaosLabs prepared the payload for the rETH cap increases to be executed via the Risk Steward process4, which was later executed by Gauntlet5. Due to the lack of consensus on the wstETH cap increase, ChaosLabs published AIP-265 to increase the supply cap from 18,750 to 30,0006. Pcx raised a query about when the cap would be lifted on the dashboard after execution7.

In conclusion, the rETH supply/borrow cap increase was successfully executed, while the wstETH cap increase is still under discussion and has been moved to AIP-265 for further deliberation. The timeline for the implementation of these changes on the dashboard remains unclear.

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