Aave Treasury Allocation / Asset Mix

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Owanikin sought help in finding Aave's treasury allocation, and MarcZeller directed them to community.llama.xyz, a site for tracking treasury holdings, and suggested using Discord for such queries. This interaction clarified the use of different platforms for different types of inquiries, emphasizing efficient communication within the community.

The discussion began with Owanikin seeking assistance in locating the treasury allocation or asset mix of Aave. In response, MarcZeller directed them to a community website, community.llama.xyz, which is known for tracking treasury holdings. Additionally, MarcZeller advised Owanikin to pose such straightforward queries on Discord, rather than posting in the governance category. The latter is primarily intended for governance proposals.

This exchange of information and guidance not only provided Owanikin with the needed resources but also clarified the appropriate use of the governance category. It's important to note that while the governance category is a platform for discussing governance proposals, simpler questions can be more effectively addressed on platforms like Discord.

In conclusion, the discussion served as a valuable guide for community members on how to navigate and utilize different platforms for different types of inquiries. It also highlighted the importance of directing questions to the appropriate channels to ensure efficient and effective communication within the community.

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