Multi Chain Partnerships

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SKALE Labs initiated a discussion about a potential Multi Chain partnership with Aave for their DeFi hub, which was positively received by the Aave community. However, the proposal's success hinges on adherence to Aave's governance procedures, with the outcome still pending.

The discussion primarily revolved around a potential Multi Chain partnership between SKALE Labs and the Aave team. Earduman, representing SKALE Labs, a Layer 2 EVM solution, initiated the conversation by expressing their interest in considering Aave for their DeFi hub. This proposal was met with a positive response from Alice, who confirmed that Earduman was in the right place for such a proposal. She further provided a template for the ARCF, indicating that Earduman was still in the preliminary stages of the proposal process.

The conversation took a procedural turn when MarcZeller moved the topic out of the governance category. He advised Earduman to adhere to the established standards when making a proposal to the Aave governance. This suggests that while the proposal was welcomed, it was important to follow the correct protocol to ensure a smooth and effective governance process.

In conclusion, the discussion was a constructive dialogue about a potential partnership between SKALE Labs and Aave. The Aave community seemed open to the proposal, provided it followed the appropriate governance procedures. The outcome of the proposal and the potential partnership remains to be seen, pending Earduman's adherence to the advised standards.

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