Celsius’ assets sell-off

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The community is actively discussing the potential of purchasing discounted AAVE tokens from Celsius, initiated by ProfitMaxi, but no definitive decisions have been made yet. The implications and benefits of such a move are being explored, with the community showing significant interest.

The discussion primarily revolved around the potential plans to purchase AAVE tokens from Celsius. ProfitMaxi initiated the conversation, expressing curiosity about whether there were any ongoing discussions or plans to buy these tokens at a discounted rate, given that Celsius is seemingly preparing to sell a large quantity of AAVE tokens1.

The topic sparked a significant amount of interest and debate within the community, with various members weighing in on the potential implications and benefits of such a move. However, no concrete plans or decisions were made during the course of the discussion.

In conclusion, while the idea of purchasing discounted AAVE tokens from Celsius has been brought to the table, it remains a topic of discussion with no definitive actions taken as of yet. The community continues to explore this possibility and its potential impact on the market.

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