Biweekly Aave Governance Calls

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The Aave community is considering regular governance calls to discuss related topics, with potential collaboration between two similar initiatives. The community supports this idea and anticipates further details on the next steps and timeline.

The Aave community has been discussing the idea of hosting regular governance calls, as proposed by Boardroom. The aim of these calls is to provide a platform for stakeholders and new participants to discuss governance-related topics. The potential agenda for the first call includes the state of delegate initiatives, reflections on the new Risk Steward process, and recent proposals and discussions of interest1.

Community members 0xkeyrock.eth and Tor_GAINS have expressed their support for this initiative, with 0xkeyrock.eth suggesting that the calls be recorded for those unable to attend 2,4. Fig brought up a similar initiative included in the Aave | Flipside proposal, which aims to establish monthly recurring community calls. They suggested that instead of having two separate calls, there could be a collaboration3.

In response, Boardroom agreed to the idea of collaboration with Fig and mentioned they had recently received a grant for similar work5. They also acknowledged the feedback from 0xkeyrock.eth and Tor_GAINS, promising to return with more details on the next steps and timeline6. The initiative and the collaboration between Boardroom and Flipside was also supported by Jengajojo7.

In conclusion, the community is in favor of the proposed governance calls and is looking forward to more details on the next steps and timeline. The idea of collaboration between the two proposed calls has also been well received.

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