AGD Renewal 4: April 2023 & Halfway Updates

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The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has been actively funding projects that enhance the Aave ecosystem, with $4,611,956 dispersed across 231 approved grants since May 2021. AGD is also engaging with hackathons and events, experimenting with direct bounties, and is committed to improving transparency and impact measurement in response to community feedback.

The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has been actively supporting projects that contribute to the Aave ecosystem. Since its inception in May 2021, AGD has received 1798 grant applications, approving 231 of them, with a total of $4,611,956 dispersed. In April 2023, AGD received 109 grant applications and awarded funding to seven projects, totaling $93,000. The funded projects ranged from risk management solutions to protocol development and community education initiatives.

The AGD has been particularly active in supporting events and hackathons, engaging with 30 different existing grantees and inspiring 44 teams to hack with Aave and GHO at events such as ETHDenver and ETHTokyo. They have also decided to sponsor the ETHPrague hackathon in Q2, marking their first engagement with this community. Operational updates include the departure of the events lead for AGD, Cree, who has moved to a full-time role with Aave Companies. AGD is also experimenting with offering direct bounties to the community for building specific requests.

The community has expressed appreciation for the AGD team's transparency and regular updates, with suggestions for future reports to include more information about the impact of funded projects and a more detailed budget breakdown for operation updates. AGD has responded positively to these suggestions, agreeing to better measure the impacts of funded projects and directing community members to the AGD website for a full list of grants. They are also around three months away from posting their next renewal proposal.

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