Market Alert High Price Volatility and Liquidations

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The recent market volatility, attributed to the MMs token selloff following SEC filings against Binance and Coinbase, was discussed by ChaosLabs, who assured no abnormal risk to the protocol and reported healthy liquidations across V2 and V3. The community is actively analyzing the situation, promising continued vigilance and transparency, with no immediate action taken.

The discussion primarily revolved around the recent high price volatility observed across markets. This volatility was attributed to the MMs token selloff, which was a response to the recent SEC filings against Binance and Coinbase, as reported by ChaosLabs1. Despite the market turbulence, ChaosLabs did not foresee any abnormal risk to the protocol and thus, did not recommend any immediate action.

The community was assured that the situation was being closely monitored and updates would be provided as necessary. In addition to this, ChaosLabs also reported healthy liquidations across both V2 and V3. The liquidations for V2 were approximately $7M, while V3 liquidations were around $5M in the last 24 hours.

The data from these liquidations is currently being analyzed and a more detailed post is expected to be shared soon. This indicates that the community is actively working to understand the implications of these market changes and is committed to keeping its members informed. The discussion concluded without any immediate action being taken, but with a promise of continued vigilance and transparency.

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