My supply was stolen

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User 0xcf02 reported an unauthorized transaction from their AAVE account involving aArbWETH token, raising concerns about Trezor and AAVE's security measures. This incident has sparked a community-wide discussion on digital asset security protocols and the trustworthiness of these platforms.

The discussion primarily revolves around the security concerns raised by 0xcf02, who reported an unauthorized transaction from their AAVE account while using an original Trezor. The user's supply was stolen and moved to a different address, which they have provided for reference. The transaction involved the movement of the aArbWETH token, which has led to confusion and suspicion of a potential protocol security issue.

0xcf02 has raised several pertinent questions about the incident. They are unsure how the aArbWETH token was moved and subsequently changed for WETH. They also noted that the transaction does not appear in their arbscan, and their Trezor did not prompt for a pin or any click, which is unusual. These concerns have led to a broader discussion about the security measures in place and the trustworthiness of Trezor and AAVE.

The community has been actively engaged in helping 0xcf02 understand the situation and providing advice on how to ensure future safety. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about security protocols and the need for vigilance when dealing with digital assets. The outcome of this discussion will likely have implications for the community's trust in Trezor and AAVE, and the measures they take to secure their assets.

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