[Growth] User-engagement tool based on on-chain data

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The discussion focuses on a tool called Dialog, designed to help web3 projects like Sorare, NFTrade, and NFTfi leverage on-chain data to boost user conversion, and its potential benefits for the Aave platform's growth team. The conversation is currently seeking feedback from the Aave team to determine the tool's relevance and potential application, which could significantly impact Dialog's future development and use.

The discussion primarily revolves around a tool named Dialog, introduced by Gary, which is aimed at aiding web3 projects such as Sorare, NFTrade, and NFTfi to utilize on-chain data for enhancing user conversion. This tool, as per Gary's post1, could potentially be beneficial for the Aave platform's growth team.

In addition to introducing the tool, Gary has also expressed a keen interest in engaging in a conversation with the Aave growth team, provided such a team exists. This suggests a proactive approach towards understanding the needs of the platform and tailoring the tool to meet those needs.

The discussion, therefore, seems to be at a stage where feedback from the Aave platform's growth team is being sought to ascertain the relevance and potential application of the Dialog tool. The outcome of this feedback and subsequent discussions with the Aave growth team, if they occur, could significantly influence the future development and application of the Dialog tool.

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