BGD. Technical analysis Aave <> Optimism Bedrock upgrade

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The Aave community is preparing for the Optimism Bedrock network upgrade, which will optimize infrastructure, improve EVM equivalence, and introduce architectural modularity, without affecting the Aave system. Despite a short downtime of 2-4 hours during the upgrade, the activation of the Price Oracle Sentinel should mitigate potential issues, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Aave community has been actively discussing the upcoming Optimism Bedrock network upgrade. Bgdlabs provided a comprehensive technical analysis, highlighting that the upgrade will focus on optimizing infrastructural components, improving EVM equivalence, and introducing more modularity in the architecture. Despite the significant changes, including block production alterations, the introduction of EIP-1559, removal of certain opcodes, a new mempool, and changes in contracts/pre-deploys, the Aave system will remain unaffected.

However, the community should be aware of a short downtime of 2-4 hours during the upgrade. This downtime, while not expected to pose a significant risk, could serve as a stress test for the Aave Protocol and the entire Optimism ecosystem. Miguelmtz noted that the activation of the Price Oracle Sentinel should mitigate any potential issues during this period 1,2.

In conclusion, the Optimism Bedrock network upgrade is a significant event for the Aave community, but it is not expected to disrupt the Aave system. The community's proactive approach and the use of the Price Oracle Sentinel should ensure a smooth transition during the upgrade.

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