Introducing "Orbit" - A Delegate Platform Funding Initiative by ACI

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The Aave-Chan Initiative (ACI) launched "Orbit", a delegate platform funding initiative to improve Aave DAO governance and reward contributors, with a monthly budget of $15,000 allocated to three platforms. However, due to budget constraints and upcoming governance decisions, the plan for a DAO-controlled Orbit program for independent funding became less feasible, prompting ACI to reassess the next steps.

The Aave-Chan Initiative (ACI) launched "Orbit", a delegate platform funding initiative aimed at enhancing the Aave DAO governance and rewarding key contributors. The pilot program, funded by ACI's own budget, ran from June to September, allocating a monthly budget of $15,000 to three delegate platforms - StableLab, Flipside, and Lbsblockchain1. However, Flipside deferred the funding to another qualified candidate, considering the initiative more suitable for a delegate newer to the DAO and Aave5.

The payment method for the third month of the program transitioned from xDAI on gnosisChain to GHO on the Ethereum mainnet, with new streams initialized early the following week7. The community showed support for the initiative, with Kene_StableLab expressing gratitude for being selected for the Orbit Pilot Program2, and others congratulating the successful delegate platforms3,4. The ACI believes that by financially supporting delegate platforms, they can stimulate more community members to participate in Aave's governance, fostering a more vibrant and diverse DAO1.

Towards the end of the program, MarcZeller announced that the last month of the Orbit program was in progress. The ACI initially intended to use this experiment to establish a DAO-controlled Orbit program for independent funding of delegate platforms. However, due to upcoming governance decisions to allocate DAO funds elsewhere, this project became less feasible in the short term due to budget constraints. The ACI plans to reassess and consider the next steps before September7. An update was provided that Orbit is now using GHO as the payment currency for the program8.

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