Unfreezing Mana on AAVE V2

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The discussion, initiated by Amethyst, is about the frozen MANA asset on AAVE v2 and the process to unfreeze it. The issue is unresolved and ongoing, with the community actively sharing insights and potential solutions, indicating its significance to the broader use of AAVE and its assets.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue of the MANA asset being frozen on AAVE v2, a topic brought to light by Amethyst. They have been utilizing Instadapp and have expressed their admiration for the functionalities of AAVE. However, they have observed that since January, MANA has been in a frozen state on AAVE v2.

The main query raised by Amethyst is regarding the procedure to unfreeze an asset, with a particular focus on MANA. This has sparked a conversation within the community, with members sharing their insights and experiences. The discussion is ongoing, and it is clear that the resolution of this issue is of significant interest to the community.

The topic is yet to reach a conclusion, and it is anticipated that further discussions and potential solutions will continue to emerge. The community is encouraged to stay engaged and contribute to the conversation, as the outcome could have implications for the broader use of AAVE and its associated assets.

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