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The DAO has funded new features for the open-source Aave debt simulator, DeFi Simulator, developed by 0xcazador. These features include real-time updates for single-collateral positions' liquidation price, support for multiple languages and fiat currencies, and a more intuitive UI, making the simulator more accessible to a global audience.

The developer of DeFi Simulator, 0xcazador, announced that the DAO has awarded a grant to fund new features in the open-source Aave debt simulator. The simulator allows users to simulate changes to their borrowed/supplied assets and see real-time feedback on how these changes affect their health factor and borrowing power. The goal of the project is to implement internationalization features to provide insight into Aave positions for users accustomed to currencies other than USD and languages other than English, thereby broadening the user base and giving existing users a more intuitive understanding of their debt position.

The new features include an updated "liquidation price" for single-collateral positions that updates in real time, the ability to select a default currency other than USD, and the ability to select a default language other than English. DeFi Simulator now includes a "Price Liquidation Scenario" and supports multiple languages and fiat currencies. Users can select between different languages and currencies via a UI control in the app's footer.

In conclusion, 0xcazador announced the completion of the implementation for this grant proposal and expressed gratitude to the Aave Grants DAO and the broader community. This development signifies a significant step towards making DeFi Simulator more accessible and user-friendly to a global audience.

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