[ARFC] Polygon & Arbitrum v3 Supply Cap Update 19.05.2023

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The community discussed Llamaxyz's proposal to increase the wstETH Supply Cap on Aave Polygon and Arbitrum v3, with Gohawi8287 suggesting two supply caps for different borrowings and ChaosLabs recommending specific cap increases. The consensus leans towards increasing the cap with risk management considerations, potentially involving the new Risk Steward role.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Llamaxyz to increase the wstETH Supply Cap on Aave Polygon and Arbitrum v3 due to high demand and utilization1. However, Gohawi8287 raised concerns about the potential risks associated with a higher supply cap, suggesting that the supply on a network does not necessarily provide a comprehensive risk analysis3. They proposed having two supply caps, one for ETH denominated borrowing and another for BTC/USD.

Llamaxyz also addressed Pcx's query about viewing a user's interaction with the Aave Protocol via the dashboard tab and discussed the challenge of preventing actions by large-scale investors (whales) after the new proposal is passed4,6. They suggested that the views of ChaosLabs and Gauntlet on the proposed Supply Cap increases could be a good opportunity to use the new Risk Steward role for implementation6.

ChaosLabs supported the proposal to increase the supply caps for rETH and wstETH on V3 Ethereum, but with some modifications. They recommended increasing the supply cap for wstETH on Arbitrum from 9,300 to 15,000 and on Polygon from 2,400 to 4,050. They also suggested capping the supply cap for wstETH on Polygon at 75% of the on-chain circulating supply as voted by the community. For Arbitrum, they recommended a more modest increase of the cap by 1.6X due to the risk of protocol losses in certain scenarios7.

In conclusion, the community seems to be in favor of increasing the wstETH Supply Cap on Aave Polygon and Arbitrum v3, albeit with some modifications and considerations for risk management. The implementation of these changes could potentially involve the new Risk Steward role, marking a significant development in the community's approach to risk management.

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