[TEMP CHECK] FlashMinter Facilitator Approval

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The AaveCompanies have proposed a FlashMinter Facilitator to allow users to FlashMint GHO and repay within a single transaction, aiming to streamline arbitrage and refinancing processes. The proposal, supported by MarcZeller and WintermuteGovernance, will be voted on by the Aave DAO community on 21st May 2023, with the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of the Aave Protocol.

The AaveCompanies have put forth a proposal for a Temperature Check to gain community approval for the implementation of a FlashMinter Facilitator. This mechanism, designed to allow users to FlashMint GHO and repay within a single transaction, is expected to streamline arbitrage and refinancing processes, thereby playing a pivotal role in maintaining the peg. The Aave DAO, the governing body of the Aave Protocol, would oversee the operation of the Facilitator.

The proposed Facilitator Capacity is set at 2,000,000 GHO, which would be utilized to enable users to FlashMint. To encourage arbitrage and bolster GHO's peg maintenance capabilities, the FlashMint fee would initially be set at 0%. If a fee is introduced at a later stage, all generated revenue would be directed to the Aave DAO Treasury. The only controls associated with the FlashMinter Facilitator would be the adjustment of the FlashMint fee and the Facilitator's bucket capacity, decisions that would be made through an Aave DAO Short Executor vote.

The proposal has garnered support from MarcZeller and WintermuteGovernance. A Snapshot for this proposal has been scheduled and will be open for voting on 21st May 2023 at 17:00 UTC+1 1,2,3,4. This proposal represents a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Aave Protocol, and the community's input will be crucial in determining its implementation.

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