Distinguishing the repaid from liquidated loans using the the available raw data

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The conversation focused on identifying liquidated loans on Aave, a decentralized finance protocol, with Spartan suggesting the use of the LiquidationCall event for distinction. This discussion will enhance data analysis accuracy in the Aave community and improve understanding of loan liquidation dynamics in decentralized finance.

The discussion primarily revolved around the identification of liquidated loans on Aave, a decentralized finance protocol. AngelDimitrov was initially struggling to distinguish these from loans that were repaid on time. However, Spartan provided a solution by suggesting the use of the LiquidationCall event, which is emitted during the transaction process. This event can be traced in the Aave protocol subgraphs, providing a clear distinction between regular and liquidated loans.

AngelDimitrov acknowledged this solution and realized that his dataset might be incomplete, as it only included deposit, borrow, repay, and withdraw events. He expressed his intention to confirm his understanding of the LiquidationCall event and to extract the missing transactions from his dataset. This discussion has been a significant step towards improving the accuracy and completeness of data analysis in the Aave community. The insights gained from this conversation will likely aid in better understanding the dynamics of loan liquidation in decentralized finance.

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