Update on AIP 216 and 217

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ChaosLabs cancelled AIPs 216 and 217 due to a withdrawal of proposition power delegation, but are working to reintroduce them as AIP-222 and AIP-223, with community voting reopened. An unresolved issue regarding the unchanged supply cap of Optimism wstETH, despite a passed vote and elapsed timelock, was raised and remains a point of concern.

The discussion began with ChaosLabs announcing the cancellation of AIPs 216 and 217 due to an unexpected withdrawal of their proposition power delegation. They are actively collaborating with other contributors to reintroduce these proposals and regain proposition power1. MarcZeller confirmed that AIP-222 and AIP-223 are the updated versions of the previously cancelled proposals2. The community was invited by ChaosLabs to vote on these proposals again within a 24-hour window3.

The conversation then shifted to a concern raised by Pcx about the unchanged supply cap of Optimism wstETH, even after the vote had been executed4. Oneski22 clarified that there is a delay as the governance message crosses the bridge and enters the L2 Executor timelock, which is currently set to 172800 seconds or 2 days5. This delay also applies to Polygon PoS and Arbitrum7.

Despite these explanations, 0x4848 reported that even after the stipulated 48 hours, there was still no change observed8. This issue remains unresolved and is a point of concern within the community. The discussion ended without a clear resolution to this problem, indicating that further investigation and potential action may be required.

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