[ARC] Gauntlet Recommendations for LUSD ETH v3

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Seawolf proposed to increase the LUSD borrow cap to 4M on ETH v3 due to the current cap being significantly exceeded, but faced scrutiny from ChaosLabs due to inaccuracies and a similar, cancelled proposal for WBTC on V3 Polygon. After corrections and removing the WBTC recommendation, Seawolf moved directly to AIP, highlighting the importance of accuracy and constructive feedback in proposal submissions.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Seawolf to increase the LUSD borrow cap to 4M on ETH v3, as the current cap was being significantly exceeded1. This proposal was met with some scrutiny by ChaosLabs, who pointed out that there was already a similar proposal for WBTC on V3 Polygon. This proposal had been approved but was later cancelled due to the withdrawal of their prop power2.

ChaosLabs also highlighted some inaccuracies in Seawolf's initial post, including an incorrect current cap for WBTC and a typo in the table header2. Seawolf acknowledged these points and subsequently removed the WBTC recommendation from their proposal3. They also announced a change in their approach, deciding to move directly to AIP on Monday, 5/15, without publishing a Snapshot vote4.

The discussion concluded with the publication of the AIP5 and the successful implementation of the proposal6. This series of events underscores the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in proposal submissions, as well as the value of constructive feedback within the community.

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