Borrow ETH against ETH

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Tradingsignalsbot1 is confused about only being eligible to borrow 3 ETH despite having 30 ETH as collateral and setting a liquidation threshold at $220. The community is actively discussing the dynamics of ETH loans and factors influencing borrowing limits, with no conclusive understanding yet reached.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue raised by Tradingsignalsbot1, who is attempting to secure the maximum possible loan in ETH using their 30 ETH collateral. They have set a liquidation threshold at $220. However, despite meeting these criteria, they find themselves eligible to borrow only 3 ETH. This has led to confusion, as they believe that any decrease in the value of ETH should impact both their collateral and the borrowed ETH equally1.

The community has been actively engaged in this discussion, trying to understand the underlying factors that might be causing this discrepancy. The topic has sparked a broader conversation about the dynamics of ETH loans and the factors that influence the borrowing limits.

The discussion has not yet reached a conclusive point, and it appears that further investigation is needed to fully understand the situation. The community is encouraged to continue the dialogue and share their insights to help Tradingsignalsbot1 and others facing similar issues.

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