Building dApps on AAVE from scratch in Spanish for Latin American community

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Colledge's CEO, Cristpereirag, has launched a project "Building dApps on AAVE from scratch" to educate Spanish-speaking developers about DeFi and the AAVE ecosystem through live Master Classes and workshops. The program aims to register 300+ students, facilitate the creation of 3+ AAVE ecosystem projects, and expand DeFi and AAVE's reach in the Spanish-speaking community.

The CEO of Colledge, Cristpereirag, has announced a new project titled "Building dApps on AAVE from scratch". This initiative is designed to introduce Spanish-speaking developers to the world of DeFi and the AAVE ecosystem. The educational program will consist of live Master Classes and technical workshops, all of which will be recorded and made available on their platform.

Participants will gain a solid understanding of DeFi fundamentals and acquire practical technical skills by creating DeFi applications specifically for the AAVE ecosystem. These applications can then be showcased in a marketplace created for this purpose. Furthermore, the projects developed during this program will be eligible for application to Colledge's incubation program for further development.

The program has ambitious goals, aiming to register over 300 students, see over 100 students complete the program, and facilitate the creation of more than three projects on the AAVE ecosystem. It also seeks to increase the number of LATAM community members on various social media platforms and contribute to the development of a technical ecosystem for AAVE in Latin America1. This initiative represents a significant step towards expanding the reach of DeFi and AAVE in the Spanish-speaking community.

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