Problems All Day w/ Aave Polygon V3

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CryptoDude100 faced persistent issues with the Polygon network and Ledger Live, including failed transactions and error messages, despite troubleshooting efforts and community assistance. The discussion highlights the need for more user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive guidance for newcomers in the crypto space.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issues faced by CryptoDude100 while using the Polygon network and Ledger Live. He encountered multiple failed transactions and error messages, even when attempting to borrow or supply Polygon. Despite his efforts to troubleshoot, including disconnecting and reconnecting his wallet, checking for browser errors, and manually increasing the gas fee, the problems persisted.

Spartan, another community member, offered assistance by asking for more details and suggesting potential solutions. He confirmed that increasing the gas limit could resolve the "out of gas" issue that CryptoDude100 was experiencing. He also identified the cause of the problem and implemented a fix. Furthermore, he recommended the Aave discord and open source interface repo as more effective channels for reporting issues.

Despite these efforts, CryptoDude100 continued to struggle with the platform, expressing frustration over the complexity and risk involved in crypto transactions. He criticized the lack of guidance available in the Ledger app, Aave platform, and online resources. The user also reported issues with Ledger Live, which either kept loading indefinitely or failed to process transactions. After trying to switch between different versions of Ledger Live and finding no success, CryptoDude100 decided to take a break before attempting again. The discussion underscores the need for more user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive guidance for new users in the crypto space.

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