[TEMP CHECK] Allocation of 300k OP Received by Aave Grants DAO

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The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) received 300,000 OP tokens, with a proposal to distribute 100,000 OP for grants and events to boost Aave's presence on Optimism, while reserving 200,000 OP for future AGD seasons. The proposal, now in the Snapshot phase, has received community support and signifies a major move towards fostering growth in the Aave Optimism ecosystem.

The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) recently received 300,000 OP tokens as part of the OP Stimpack phase 0. A proposal for the allocation of these tokens was put forward by 0xbilll. The plan suggests distributing up to 100,000 OP as part of the current AGD proposal, while the remaining 200,000 OP would be held in the AGD multisig for future AGD seasons. The primary aim of these tokens is to fund projects that enhance Aave's presence on Optimism.

The proposed allocation for the initial 100k OP is divided into two main categories: grants and events. Two-thirds of the allocation is intended for grants, which will be awarded to recipients who are committed to expanding Aave on Optimism. The remaining one-third is set aside for events, specifically to sponsor bounties and prizes at hackathons for teams that are supporting or growing the Aave Optimism ecosystem. Any funds that are not used will be kept in the treasury for future AGD proposals.

The proposal has now entered the Snapshot phase, where it is open for community feedback1. Notably, community members Jengajojo and Mr_aave have expressed their support for the proposal 2,3. This initiative represents a significant step in fostering growth and innovation within the Aave Optimism ecosystem.

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