[ARFC] Polygon v2 - Parameter Update

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The community is discussing a proposal by TokenLogic to migrate from Polygon v2 to v3, leveraging liquidity mining to expedite the process. The proposal, which involves adjusting Uoptimal and Reserve Factor parameters, has received 92% support and is now in the Snapshot stage, with plans to submit for voting soon.

The community has been engaged in a discussion about migrating from Polygon v2 to v3, initiated by TokenLogic. The proposal aims to leverage the ongoing liquidity mining on v3 to accelerate the migration of users from v2 to v3. Three options were presented, each involving adjustments to the Uoptimal and Reserve Factor (RF) parameters to different extents. The proposal has been met with strong support, with over 92% of votes in favor of implementing the change.

TokenLogic further elaborated on the impact of changing the RF on different options, using Option 3 as an example. They also explained the revised Uoptimal parameter and the role of the RF in directing interest paid by borrowers to Aave instead of depositors. Sakulstra and ChaosLabs contributed to the discussion, sharing their thoughts on the proposal and suggesting supply cap increases for certain assets to support their migration.

The discussion concluded with TokenLogic announcing that the proposal has been progressed to Snapshot and thanking everyone who voted. They also stated that they are preparing to submit the payload to Bgdlabs for review and the AIP for voting as soon as the peer review step is complete. The parameter updates to be submitted for voting are in line with the Snapshot vote to implement Option 2 - Conservative. This discussion represents a significant step towards the migration from v2 to v3, with the community's support and active participation playing a crucial role in this process.

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