Clarification on AIP-205

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A text error in the AIP-205 proposal related to Chaos Labs Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V3 Optimism was reported by ChaosLabs, showing incorrect information on the governance portal. The issue was addressed by triggering a new proposal, AIP-206, with the correct text and the community was advised to disregard the original AIP-205, which will be cancelled soon.

The discussion primarily revolved around an error reported by ChaosLabs in the text file linked to AIP-205, which pertains to the Chaos Labs Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V3 Optimism - 2023.03.22. The text displayed on the governance portal was incorrect, showing "Supply/Borrow Cap Updates V3 Arbitrum" instead of the intended V3 Optimism parameter updates. However, ChaosLabs assured the community that this was the only issue and the parameter proposition itself was not at risk.

To rectify the error, AIP-206 was triggered. This new proposal includes the correct text for the community to vote on. It was made clear that AIP-205, the original proposal with the error, is to be disregarded and will be cancelled soon. This swift action ensured that the community could continue to participate in the governance process without confusion or delay. The discussion concluded with the community awaiting the cancellation of AIP-205 and the commencement of voting on AIP-206.

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