[TEMP CHECK] Safety Module Upgrade Part V - veToken Holding Management Framework

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Llamaxyz proposed a new voting framework and committee for managing votes on strategic assets for Aave DAO, including the introduction of veBAL positions and the management of assets on the Collector Contract. The proposal, which has received positive feedback, includes the formation of a committee with various responsibilities and a Snapshot has been created to facilitate the voting process.

The discussion primarily revolves around a proposal put forth by Llamaxyz to introduce a voting framework and committee for managing votes on veToken and other strategic assets on behalf of Aave DAO1. The proposal outlines the benefits of veBAL positions, including Gauge-weight Power, Governance Power, veBoost, and Protocol Fees. It also discusses the management of strategic assets on the Collector Contract, highlighting the benefits and issues associated with it.

The proposal further suggests the formation of a voting committee tasked with various responsibilities such as locking/relocking the veTokens positions, casting votes on gauges, claiming protocol fees, and more. The community was presented with voting options: YAE - Proceed with Committee, NAE - No Committee, ABSTAIN1. Llamaxyz clarified their position and affiliations within the Aave and Balancer ecosystems, and the lack of compensation from any of the mentioned communities1.

John_TV_Locke responded positively to the proposal, suggesting that metagovernance with partners or treasury funds could be beneficial for the DAO. He also agreed with the idea of a steering committee to manage regular operations according to a framework2. The discussion progressed with Llamaxyz announcing the creation of a Snapshot to move the proposal through governance3.

In conclusion, the discussion is centered around the proposal for a new voting framework and committee for Aave DAO, with the community being encouraged to vote on the matter. The proposal has received positive feedback, and a Snapshot has been created to facilitate the voting process.

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