[TEMP CHECK] Safety Module Upgrade Part II - Asset Diversity, SM Categories & Slashing Updates

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The discussion led by Llamaxyz proposes an upgrade to the Safety Module (SM) to improve asset diversification, introduce risk tranching, and support the launch of GHO by offering cheaper borrowing rates to stkAAVE holders. The proposal includes creating two new pools (80/20 GHO/wETH and Balancer 3pool/GHO), adding different slashing levels to reduce price impact on AAVE, and considering the SM as a tool for optimal $AAVE incentive allocation, with a focus on GHO or AAVE pair liquidity pool tokens.

The discussion initiated by Llamaxyz revolves around the proposal to upgrade the Safety Module (SM) to enhance asset diversification, introduce risk tranching, and potential growth synergies. The proposal aims to support the launch of GHO by enabling stkAAVE holders to access cheaper GHO borrowing rates. It introduces three distinct categories for inclusion in the SM: Single Asset, Volatile Asset Liquidity Positions, and Stable Asset Liquidity Positions. The proposal also suggests adding different levels of slashing to each category to reduce the price impact on the AAVE token in the case of a shortfall event.

The proposal includes the creation of two new pools: an 80/20 GHO/wETH pool and a Balancer 3pool/GHO pool. The GHO/wETH pool is expected to offer less impermanent loss and provide deep liquidity for risk off events. The Balancer 3pool/GHO pool introduces a stable asset to the SM design and could generate significant coverage as 60% of the Total Value Locked (TVL) can be slashed with low price impact across the ecosystem.

BarryLime suggests considering the safety module not just as a mitigation tool for a shortfall event, but also as a way to optimally allocate $AAVE incentives. He emphasizes the strategic importance of liquidity pool tokens that are GHO or AAVE pairs and suggests they should be prioritized for incentivization. Dydymoon agrees with this view and confirms that this is a major part of the SM Upgrade proposal.

The discussion also touched upon the concern of total yield for depositors or the "spread", which is the additional yield depositors can earn in exchange for the risk they are taking. Llamaxyz explained that the strategy was based on several parameters, including estimated yield for depositors and the spread between incentives spent by the DAO and emissions received for it. The proposal has been moved to Snapshot for voting, which is set to start on Monday 29th. This discussion provides a comprehensive overview of the proposed changes to the Aave DAO's liquidity pools and slashing parameters, and the strategic considerations behind these changes.

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