[ARC] Gauntlet Recommendations for wstETH on Aave V3 Arbitrum

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The wstETH Borrow Cap increase from 400 to 800 was proposed by Pauljlei, with plans to revisit the issue post the Shanghai Upgrade. Despite initial conservative views, the community decided to implement the wstETH Borrow Cap increase on V3 Arbitrum, indicating a significant shift in the discussion.

The discussion primarily revolved around the wstETH Borrow Cap and its potential increase. Pauljlei proposed an increase from 400 to 800, a conservative figure compared to the suggested 2,800, in line with community guidelines. This decision was made with the upcoming Shanghai Upgrade in mind, and plans were made to revisit the issue after the upgrade on April 12th1. An AIP was scheduled for 4/11/20231, and it was later confirmed that the AIP is now live2.

Community members, including Nyyls, showed interest in updates regarding the wstETH supply cap on Arbitrum V33. Tuanyuan2008 provided some insight, explaining that wstETH is part of the Ethereum-correlated eMode pool on Arbitrum Aave v3. The supply cap takes into account liquidity in both normal and abnormal price dislocations. The community's risk preference would guide the next steps4.

Pauljlei further clarified that if the community leans towards a conservative approach, they might not want to increase caps for wstETH on V3 Arbitrum at this time5. However, it was later confirmed that the wstETH Borrow Cap increase on V3 Arbitrum has been implemented6. This suggests that the community ultimately decided to proceed with the cap increase, marking a significant development in the discussion.

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