Gauntlet Risk Dashboard V2 Launch

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Gauntlet has launched new risk dashboards for all Aave markets, featuring improved visualizations, user-friendly navigation, and "Liquidation Curves" for clearer potential liquidation views. Future updates include more data for parameter recommendations, UI improvements, and the integration of two legacy Aave V2 markets, with most markets live and the v2 AVAX market set to go live in April 2023.

Gauntlet has introduced new risk dashboards for all Aave markets, a significant development that has been months in the making. The new dashboards, built on a fresh technical infrastructure, allow for quick iteration and feature release, demonstrating Gauntlet's dedication to transparency in their risk recommendations. The dashboards have been enhanced with a protocol summary page, a centralized recommendations page, improved visual representations, and a more user-friendly navigation system. They also feature "Liquidation Curves" instead of heatmaps, providing a clearer view of potential liquidations at various price points for each asset.

In the next quarter, Gauntlet aims to reveal more data that informs their parameter recommendations, with Cap Usage Graphs and Liquidity Graphs set to launch soon. Kathar7na elaborated on how they use both centralized and decentralized exchange liquidity data to make decisions about asset listings and delistings, borrow/supply caps, and their simulation engine. They also announced upcoming UI improvements to better indicate frozen or deprecated assets, aiding users in navigating collateral risk.

All data integrations for all markets have been completed and are being monitored continuously. Two legacy Aave V2 markets are still to be incorporated into the front end, which will be added directly into the newest version of the dashboard in the coming weeks. Most markets are live in terms of asset listings and risk modeling, with the v2 AVAX market scheduled to go live on the Dashboard V2 in April 2023. Kathar7na concluded by inviting community feedback and expressing appreciation for the community's ongoing involvement in safeguarding the health of Aave.

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