Llama - Request for Delegation of Proposal Power

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Llamaxyz faced technical issues in submitting AIPs due to insufficient AAVE, leading to community assistance including AAVE delegation from Aave Grants DAO (AGD) and AIP publishing support from MarcZeller and Fig. The AGD's delegation only extends to proposal power, not voting power, aligning with their mandate and preserving the democratic process of passing AIPs.

The discussion revolves around the technical issues faced by Llamaxyz, which have hindered their ability to submit AIPs. They have requested the community's assistance to delegate proposal power, as they are short of the required 80,000 AAVE. Their collaboration with Fig and Flipside Governance to propose their WIP AIPs on-chain has been noted.

In response to this, MarcZeller from ACI has offered to publish the required AIPs on behalf of Llamaxyz. Fig has also shown their support by publishing Llamaxyz's latest AIP on-chain. The Aave Grants DAO (AGD), represented by 0xbilll, has delegated their AAVE holdings to Llama, further supporting their efforts to reach the required proposal power.

However, this delegation process raised concerns from Raho, leading to a clarification from 0xbilll. They explained that the AGD has only delegated proposal power, not voting power, to Llama. This action aligns with AGD’s mandate to support the growth of the Aave ecosystem and does not impact Llama’s ability to pass AIPs. Instead, it merely enables them to put up AIPs for community voting.

In conclusion, the community has shown significant support for Llamaxyz, with various members stepping in to assist them in overcoming their technical issues. The discussion has also clarified the nature of the AGD's delegation to Llama, ensuring that it aligns with the AGD's mandate and does not interfere with the democratic process of passing AIPs.

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