Gauntlet Market Alerts (April 2023)

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The discussion focused on the fully utilized supply and 77.61% borrowed cap of wstETH on Arbitrum v3, despite recent cap increases on March 28th. The community is eagerly awaiting updates from Gauntlet, who are investigating the situation and its impact on usage rates.

The discussion primarily revolved around the usage rates for wstETH's supply and borrow cap on Arbitrum v3, which were reported by Seawolf to be at 100% and 77.61% respectively. This is particularly noteworthy as the caps for this asset were only recently increased on March 28th. The community is currently awaiting further updates on this situation from Gauntlet, the team responsible for these changes.

Gauntlet's investigation into the matter is ongoing, and they have committed to keeping the community informed about any necessary steps that may need to be taken. The community's anticipation for these updates is palpable, as the recent changes to the caps have had a significant impact on the usage rates.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the importance of monitoring and managing the supply and borrow caps for wstETH on Arbitrum v3. The community is eagerly awaiting further updates from Gauntlet, and it is hoped that their investigation will provide clarity and direction for future actions.

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