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Blockworks Research, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency firm, has joined our community, bringing expertise in DeFi, data analytics, and active participation in governance processes, as demonstrated by their top 10 delegate status with Arbitrum DAO. They have pledged to contribute to Aave's growth using their data-driven insights, marking a significant development for our community.

Blockworks Research, a prominent player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, has recently joined our community. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and resources, including daily newsletters, podcasts, research reports, and strategic advice. Their team, comprised of DeFi power users, excels in data analytics, risk assessment, community building, and technology evaluation. They have already proven their commitment to active participation in governance processes, as evidenced by their top 10 delegate status with the Arbitrum DAO.

Their next major governance endeavor is with Aave. They have pledged to dedicate resources to Aave's growth and prosperity, and to use their DeFi expertise and data-driven insights to vote in the protocol's best interest. Their goal is to help Aave avoid unnecessary pitfalls and contribute to its success1. This commitment from Blockworks Research is a significant development for our community, as it promises to bring valuable insights and active participation to our governance processes.

In conclusion, the arrival of Blockworks Research to our community marks an exciting time of growth and development. Their commitment to active participation and their wealth of expertise in DeFi and data analytics will undoubtedly contribute to the success and prosperity of Aave. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of their contributions in the near future.

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